Tuesday, January 24

The Writing Group Meets

I have taken many writing courses in college, all of which contained a workshop element. After completing all of those courses, my writing stalled. I decided that in order to continue writing and fulfilling my dream of one day publishing, I had to have motivation. Homework has been my motivation for my whole life. Without it, I have found I have a hard time getting anything done. Due dates are necessary for my creativity to abound. 

I decided to find a writer's group where I could have goals and accountability on accomplishing those goals. 

Last Wednesday was my first meeting. And I really enjoyed it. It was fun, and fulfilling. The people I met there were very diverse, and it was refreshing not to be surrounded by a room full of English Majors for once. I shared some of my poetry, and they really seemed to enjoy it! I am looking forward to going back and also finding that motivation I need to work harder on my writing. 

Hopefully in the next few months during my internship I can really crank out a novel and start seriously looking at publishing it! 


  1. Where did you find a group in the suburbs? I am not that far from you - in the Willowbrook/Burr Ridge area.

  2. I found a website called Meetup.com that allows people to form groups and set up meetings. I went on there and found one that met near me! It's been good so far, it meets every other week and I'm liking most of the people in the group.