Sunday, January 1

That Whole New Year's Thing

Well, again I stray from my Blog for months. I didn't even say goodbye! I'm glad you are all still here to listen to my ramblings. 

Now that I have graduated (Yipee!), I am dedicating time each week to my blog. I have decided to refocus, and instead of being a random whatever blog, I will bring you all on my journey as a newly graduated English Major. 

It's been fun so far, let me tell you! The Holidays are finally coming to a close and I can get my mind around what lays ahead of me on the road I have chosen to take. 

I am living in my parents house because I have no job. So first on my list is to find one! I hear they pay people to serve coffee... maybe I'll try one of those places! I do have an internship lined up (another Yippee!) at InterVarsity Press! I am so excited to start work there and to be able to learn gobs and gobs about the editing and publishing business, to see if that is something I could get into long term. 

Not gonna lie, I've only ever been able to see myself as an at home writer, with an office that is full to brimming with books and at least 3 projects going at once. That is, until I started learning about editing. I have found that I am pretty good at telling other people how to fix up their paper, or just what to add to make a story that much better. And the prospect of one day getting paid for it is enticing, to say the least. 

I hope that by spilling all my ups and downs on this little MacBook of mine, that someone out there will have hope that being an English major doesn't automatically mean you have to be a teacher, or get a PhD, or end up working at a coffee shop forever. We English majors are important to the world! And I'm going to prove it! 

Until next week,
The Literary Firefly

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  1. that internship sounds very cool, jenna! enjoy.