Monday, January 16

I had a really clever title, but I forgot. Sorry.

I have spent the last few weeks desperately trying to find a job. I didn't find one. No one wants to hire in the post holiday slump. So, I am just staying at home, with my parents, trying to make my mother's life easier. And also reading, a lot. And waiting for my internship to start, which will consume most of my energy until it is done.

I read the Hunger Games. Had to, so that I could figure out why everyone went crazy over it. It was good, impressive even, but I am in no way goo goo for it. I enjoyed the writing, and the surprises, although sometimes they seemed very contrived, but I guess it's understandable and forgivable in that situation. 

I have a difficult time with thrillers-books and movies- because I can't separate myself from the terror. This is why the Joker, in The Dark Knight, is impossible for me to look at, or hear, or see impressions. I can't get over the creepy factor. This being a known fact about myself, I try to stay away from very creepy things, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo being one of the big ones. Unfortunately, even The Hunger Games caught me off guard and I had to spend the days following my finishing the series, watching TV and reading a happy book. My mother says I need to figure out how to get over it. RIGHT

Anyway. My alma mater starts up it's Spring Semester tomorrow, and I am feeling a bit out of the loop. I am happy to not be there anymore. Happy I graduated. Not happy I can't hang out with all my friends who are now back at school. I don't have many friends at home, really just people at church I enjoy conversing with. So, this week I am going to start going to a writing critique group. I'm excited about the possibilities that come with meeting new writers and to have a framework in which to write. Hopefully, it will be the push I need to really start up my writing in earnest, and not just in my wishful thinking. 

It will be interesting to see how it turns out, and I'll let you all know! In the meantime, I'll be writing and prepping for the first meeting this Wednesday!!

~The Literary Firefly

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