Tuesday, December 14

Poem Submitions

I just sent three of my poems from this semester to a Literary Journal, called Prick of the Spindle. It was part of our last project in class to find a journal we would like to be published in and see if they would accept our work. After finding this journal, it took me a week to get up the courage to submit my work. I am pretty freaked out about what the response will be, although its not like getting rejected would be a surprise.

Here are a few of the poems i submitted, i hope at least you like them!

(This poem is called a Pantoum, where there is a specific repeating line pattern, basically where the 2 and 4th lines of the previous stanza become the 1 and 3rd lines in the next stanza, ending with the 1 and 3 lines of the 1st stanza becoming the last stanza's 2 and 4th lines)

The sun slammed onto the sky
Shining over everything.
Then a footprint in the sky
Looked like a smile.

Shining over everything,
I sought for the footprint-
Looked like a smile-
Until I was able to catch it.

I sought for the footprint
While the sun beat down
Until I was able to catch it,
And put it in my hand.

While the sun beat down
I gathered up the footprint
And put it in my hand
When I found it it wasn’t

I gathered up the footprint
Then a footprint in the sky
When I found it wasn’t
The sun slammed onto the sky.

10 Ways to Hold My Hand

A hand so little
It can only grab my heart
You cling to her hand,
she is the protector of your childhood
A chaste kiss-
lips meeting yet not touching
A not letting go of hearts
And the will to never be apart
fingers intertwined
Hidden behind a table
Two half moons coming
together to make a wish
Holding so hard
It comes from fear not love
Grabbing at my hand
Forcing me to follow
A plea for a new hand in
place of your own
With a final act
I squeeze your hand and leave

Buttons and High Heels

The Windex
Wasn’t meant for

It ended up ruining
the couch your mother
Bought for us when
We got married.

The couch that’s blue
And yellow and didn’t
Match anything else
We owned.

I had to throw it
Out, put it out for
The garbageman
To take care of.

Your only response
A terse,
Do they even have
Windex for furniture?