Saturday, November 6


candles lit
open the door,

your fake smile
is so secure
I could never
see through it.

you are only
hiding from yourself.
maybe its time
to let go.

over a piece
of chocolate cake
you tell me:

It can't work
you need space

I stare out
I see nothing
nothing but you.

you left your presents
and cake
and walked away

everyone stops talking,
turn to look at me
huddled in the chair
tears streaming,

and I tell them:
eat more cake.

Angel in the Mirror

to see what you see when you look at me—
my wrinkles
my bad haircut
puffy eyes and acne showing
glasses that cover half my face
what do you see when you see me?
my size 10 shoes
and my extra long jeans that are a little too big in the butt
my cracked and torn nails with messy polish on them that’s chipping already.

I see you when I look at you—
your laugh lines mean that you are joyful
your hair is long and thick
I think you are the most beautiful when you first wake up, face fresh from a night of sleep
I see the woman I fell in love with
just as tall as I am,
feet fit to travel
long, lean legs with the best butt I’ve seen
nails that prove to me you work hard and never back down from a dirty job.

I see you, just as you are.