Sunday, September 19

Buttons and High Heels

That Windex
wasn’t meant for

It ended up ruining
the couch your mother
bought for us when
we got married.

The couch that’s blue
and yellow and didn’t
match anything else
we owned.

Do they even make
Windex for furniture?

Monday, September 6

A new year, a new me?

So, as you know, I spend my summer in California, at Alpine Camp. My job was to be a Host for the guest groups that stayed there. I was excited about it at first, but the job was quite demanding and very draining. As the summer went on, I lost my enthusiasm for helping, and for serving and it became simply a job to do. I was able to enjoy parts of it, but by the end of the summer I was quite ready to be done with camp.

The group of summer staffers that I lived with were really great, and the time I was able to spend with them was awesome. The major drawback to my job was the hours, and that I worked almost every weekend. This meant that when the counselors and leadership staff weren't working, I most likely was, and vise versa. Even so, I got to know some really great people and I miss them a lot now that I am back in Chicago.

I have been back in the city for 8 days. I flew back last Sunday and started school last Monday. This past week has been so crazy! With school and my job sitting desk at one of the dorms, I spend most of my free time sleeping. It has been mostly fun, catching up with friends and meeting new ones, getting back into the rhythm of school life. One thing that I am going to focus on this semester is making sure that I will be able to graduate in December 2011, and then looking at grad schools. I have a dream of being a novelist, and I need to really try and figure out if that is possible.

In the next few months, I will be posting many poems and maybe even a few short stories, and as always my commentaries on life in general and at a Christian college.

Let Junior year begin!