Monday, May 17


In a land so far from my own
I stare
my mouth agape at
the differences
the vacant lots
the run down streets
the houses so close together
with no yard.

I stick out like
vanilla on chocolate.
What do they think of me,
coming here with all my riches
and a giant van
to stare at them?

What do I think of them?

I see the differences only
but, given time
I see that the few streets that
separate us
aren't impassible;
it just takes
one of us
to cross the unseen

There are people living
here just like there:
we are all just people

defined by those around us.
We become unable to see
past the lens
of our society.

But these barriers,
unseen by the ones
who place them,
can only be torn down
by recognition.

How can I recognize
what I can not see?

We must take a chance,
make a move.
It is up to us to
the world around us.

It ends with hope,
with eyes open
and hands open
to change.

The stranger in a strange land
can be welcomed home there

if only they are given
a chance.

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