Sunday, April 11

My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog ever!

Actually, that's not completely true... in high school I had a Xanga... that technically was my first blog ever. All I did in that was talk about school and stuff. It was pretty lame.

This blog might turn out to be just as lame. Hopefully not, as I am older and more experienced and have more opinions about things. So, this is really my second attempt at a blog, my first one failing miserably because no one ever read it.

I am sitting in my room right now, avoiding homework by starting this blog and reading Catcher in the Rye and generally drinking in the spring air of Chicago (this is rather sarcastic, as Chicago is rather gross smelling, and certainly not refreshing). Anyway, I am sitting here, struggling to type out this post because it isn't in a Word document, so I don't have automatic capitalization. Sometimes I ignore not capitalizing sentences, on Facebook usually, but here I would like to be an intelligent human being and have correct spelling, grammar and capitalized sentences.

This brings me to what I would like to think every blogger does: set out a goal for the blog. I have been sort of stalling getting a blog because I wanted it to serve a purpose, rather than be just little ol' me writing to no one for no specific reason... that's why I have a journal. So, this won't be a place for me to bare my soul to the world and share deep secrets about life. I do hope to be real here, as I think it is important to be exactly who I am where ever I go. I will discuss different current events, or books that I am reading, because i think that's fun, and because I am an English major, it's kind of what I do all day anyway!

I might also post some poems I have written, or short story ideas, because it's always great for a writer to get feedback on their work.

I think that what finally got me to start this little blog of mine was to keep my family informed about my life. I am an adult (scary thought for some) and will be graduating college in the next year or so. Hopefully, through this blog, my family and friends who can't be with me can still be a part of my life and what I am struggling through and also my joys.

I guess, also, I owe you all an explanation as to the name of my blog. Firefly comes from two sources. The first being one of my all time favorite shows, Firefly, which only ran one season. It stars Nathan Fillian, the current star of the show Castle. If you have not seen either of these shows, stop reading my blog and go watch them. Seriously. He is amazing. Its all online now. Real easy. Go watch it now. The other source is the bug, also known as lightning bugs. They are one of the only bugs that I actually delight in, and many summer evenings of my childhood were spent in catching them and watching their butts light up.

The actual title is in reference to my being a book worm and being able to enjoy an afternoon reading about other peoples imaginary adventures while having none of my own.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading my posts, and that you will keep coming back for more Literary Adventures with me!

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  1. YAY Firefly!!!!! I'm so happy you have joined me in the blogosphere!!! I look forward to reading!!